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President's Message

NCI President
Carson C. Smith

  Dear Kith and Kin,

It is hard to believe that, as we arrive in the month of April, I am beginning the second quarter of my term as President of the Nationalities Council of Indiana, and the NCI Executive Committee has been hard at work. Our able Secretary, Jodi Banton, has proven that she is more than equal to every task assigned to her, from capturing the minutes of our meetings, to the updating of our website at http://nationalitiescouncil.org. Having received our Minutes and Financial Reports electronically, we are now enjoying the added benefit of having these documents displayed on a screen at our Monthly Meetings, so that every attendee can follow along. Our Second Vice President Leslie Clumb, and the Members of the Nominations Committee, created a slate of Candidates for the 2016 Board of Directors, including names old and new, who were elected by acclamation. 

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